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We listen carefully to what our customers say, so we know exactly what they need. Our Lubex anti-age treatments are there to make people feel better and live a more confident life.

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Our Lubex anti-age treatments are there to make people feel better, and that’s why we are constantly on the lookout for innovative technologies and new ideas. So that we can make a tangible difference to skin and to the world. We believe that anti-aging only feels really good when it touches not just the skin but the heart, when the difference is immediately noticeable, when quality still inspires years later. When innovation captivates as if every day were the first.

There is the right skincare for every moment in life. Some of the things the skin has to cope with are timeless, some change. With this in mind we are constantly creating new treatments with innovative active ingredients and technologies that are ahead of their time.

Every moment is unique. As is every need. That’s the standard we live by. And that’s why we develop anti-aging treatments for every phase of life. Quality is something you can feel. Time and again, every day.

Over 45 years of expertise


It all began in 1979 in Basel with Lubex, a unique medical skin-cleansing emulsion developed by company founder Christian H. Lutz in collaboration with dermatologists that was successfully established on the Swiss market. Lubex has been the market leader in basic cleansing therapy for skin disorders for over 45 years.

Our family-run company has established strong roots in Therwil. And our promise to manufacture products that are really effective from head to toe is equally deeply rooted. For the past 15 years we have been expanding our dermatological expertise into dermo-cosmetics with our Lubex anti-age treatment range.


We’re in touch with our roots.

The story of our company began over 45 years ago with Lubex.


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Products that work


Our innovative products are known for their lasting effect. They are so well-known that Permamed is the market leader in Switzerland for medicinal shampoos, scar-treatment products and topical acne preparations. And because we prefer to be specialists rather than all-rounders, our experience and expertise are focused on the following therapeutic areas:

Skin and hair problems | Women’s health | Joint disorders | Sports and accident-related injuries | Vein disorders | Herbal medicinal products | Anti-Aging

Christian Lutz (left), CEO and Tobias Lutz (right), deputy CEO in the Permamed offices in Therwil.

Lubex anti-age Firmensitz in Therwil

Expertise in dermatology


Today we are one of Switzerland’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the fields of dermatology and anti-aging. Yet we never stand still. We are continually forging ahead with innovations. We have our own formulation development and manufacturing department at our headquarters in Therwil, close to Basel. This is where we research and develop the products of the future. The combination of state-of-the-art formulating technology with active ingredients approved by dermatologists has for many years enabled Lubex anti-age to set standards in external anti-aging treatment. Many independent scientific studies demonstrate that external anti-aging treatments are effective in combating premature skin aging.

Formulation technology


What use is the best-quality ingredient if it doesn’t arrive where it is needed? How do our active substances need to be processed to enable them to have a targeted action? This is the question addressed by formulation technology. The outstanding features of innovative formulations are their optimal efficacy and good tolerance. Permamed’s more than 45 years of expertise in dermatology is based on good formulation technology and plenty of experience. When treating sensitive, allergic and/or irritated skin, in particular, it is important to limit the ingredients in a product to those that are essential. This is why our products are manufactured without preservatives, allergenic perfumes, colorants or paraffin oil.

100% Swiss


Permamed on the label means “Made in Switzerland”. Every single drop of serum is made within our company, is under our control and is full of our expertise, starting with the initial idea and going well beyond the manufacture of our products. As an independent pharmaceutical company we also deliver our products to our international partners. Our sales force is in constant dialogue with doctors’ practices, hospitals, pharmacies and druggists. We have been working with many of them for years, something that is typical of a family-run company. We also organise specialised continuing training events and teaching seminars for our partners.

Various cooperations with international scientific institutions and hospitals repeatedly deliver new momentum for new developments and refinements of Permamed products. This enables us to make good things that little bit better… and better.. and better.