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Feel unique with Lubex anti-age

Treatments for all ages and skin types

Our purpose is to enhance your skin’s beauty and your health and wellbeing. Lubex anti-age are treatments:

  • with highly effective, dermatologically approved active ingredients that combat premature skin aging
  • that are rapidly absorbed by the skin and improve the skin’s structure
  • whose effects and tolerance have been proven by dermatologists in clinical studies.
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Feel good in your skin – thanks to Lubex anti-age

Beauty tips

From Lubex anti-age insiders

Are your eyes looking tired from spending too long in front of a screen?

Eye contour

Try an intensive eye contour treatment Use Lubex anti-age eye intensive in the morning and Lubex anti-age eye excellence (with retinyl palmitate) in the evening every day for at least two weeks.

How can I get the best results with Lubex anti-age products?

Day and night treatments

It’s easy. Just follow the sequence in our Lubex anti-age beauty rituals for day and night treatments (Step 4). The active ingredients in the treatments have powerful moisturising, regenerating and firming properties. Daily use reduces and even eliminates lines, restoring youthful smoothness and firmness to the face, neck and décolleté (after 30 to 60 days). Efficacy has been confirmed in clinical and dermatological studies.

Poster Video Lubex anti-age dual face mask (en)

Does your skin feel tight and dry despite a good skincare routine?

Face mask

If your skin feels especially dry or looks tired and dull, boost your skincare routine with Lubex anti-age dual face mask applied once or twice a week.


Lubex anti-age facial treatments by skin type and age

For day and night

Unterschiedliche Hauttypen und verschiedene Altersgruppen benötigen unterschiedliche Wirkstoffe. Genau das macht Lubex anti-age so einzigartig: entdecken Sie unsere Tages- und Nacht-Behandlungen, die speziell auf die verschiedenen Hautbedürfnisse eingehen. Dabei verzichten wir ganz auf bedenkliche Zusatz- und synthetische Duft-Stoffe.


Day and night treatments
Your skin type: normal to slightly oily skin
Lubex anti-age light treatments are ideal for young skin. They maintain the skin’s elasticity and preserve its youthful radiance for longer. Intensive moisture-retaining factors and a low lipid content mean that they are absorbed rapidly and do not leave an oily film on the skin.


Day and night treatments
Your skin type: normal to slightly dry skin
If your skin is starting to show wrinkles and expression lines, we recommend Lubex anti-age classic. Rich in moisturising factors and with a medium lipid content, they activate the restructuring of the skin and reduce wrinkles. Your skin stays young and smooth for longer.


Day and night treatments
Your skin type: dry to very dry and mature skin
Lubex anti-age rich provides vitality and firmness for the skin, reduces fine lines and provides intensive moisture. It also contains a high level of lipids and moisturising factors to reduce wrinkles and lines intensively, making your skin firmer and more radiant again.

Instant summer tan

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Skin Tanning